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  • Pinto Samuel

    Excellent keyboard faculty. My keyboard playing skills have improved in very short time. Music School Bangalore are one of the best music academy in Bangalore.

  • Lekha Gupta

    I am learning guitar here.. just loving it.. faculty is good and very helpful..

  • Shobhita Rajashekar

    I have learnt the drums at The Music School and I absolutely loved it, as the rating says. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn how to play the drums, guitar, piano or violin. ...More

  • Rohan Yengera

    the experience and joy of learning drums in in The Music School Bangalore is amazing. The teachers are highly skilled which encourages students, and also increases their passion in music.

  • Gopalakrishnan Raghunathan

    Joined the school almost a year back and have been having a tremendous learning experience. The school is very well equipped with facilities. I have been training on drums under Mr. Milton Lance who is not just a great drummer but an ...More

  • Naveen kumar

    Superb teaching faculty. Enjoying it. I think his is one of the best music schools in Bangalore.

  • Vinay ayyar

    I have been learning drums from past 7 months here angdi feel the way Milton teaches is one of beat experience you can ever have while learning drums Enjoying each and every bit of it.

  • Srivatsa chamaria

    The reason why i am able to live my dream of being a musician is cause of the teacher Mr Milton Lance, He understands your problem and helps you perfect it! The techniques of overcoming the problems will definitely be solved and you ...More

Clarinet Classes and Training

We Have years of experience in the business coupled with his skilful mastery of diverse styles of playing Rock, Classical, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Flamenco etc

We provide individualized instruction in both electric and acoustic guitar, allowing students to select either of these as their principle instrument. The course work for each is specifically designed and customized for all levels of playing ability.

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#202, Premier Presidency 35/17
Langford road, Shanthi Nagar,
Bangalore -560 025.
Ph : +91 7848828829

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